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It has been one year since the earth shook and the ground opened. One year since over a quarter million souls left this world in a rage of mere seconds. One year that we have mourned, remembered, wept and prayed... But in this one year, we, the world, have come together. We have marched, we have given from our wallets and our hearts, we have taken the time to teach and to learn, and most importantly, we… have become a "WE."

Haiti is a land of unlimited possibilities, infinite crossroads and immeasurable challenges. Haiti's multi-hued blood and depth of history courses through every aspect of Haitian life. Her culture is the lifeblood that powers her people. While reconstruction and rebuilding remain imperative, a vertical approach to cultural initiatives remains vital.

The Green Family Foundation (GFF) and Fastforward have taken our collective decades of experience, lessons learned, successes celebrated, and love for Haiti and joined forces to engage the people of Haiti. We embraced the wisdom and words of Jacky Lumarque, president of Université Quisqueya in Port-au-Prince -- "As it often occurs in history, the oppressed took refuge in the arts: painting, sculpture, music, dance, handicraft and literature" -- and made it our mission statement.

On these pages you will experience the outreach, the music, the films, dances and songs that the people of Haiti have shared with us, and how these treasures have been shown around Haiti and beyond. Through integration of multi-media engagements with community health, education, gender equity, environmental preservation and food security outreach, we reached over 250,000 souls in Haiti alone. The unique approach Fastforward has developed for disseminating information, combined with GFF's years of experience in community health and development and work towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals, we have created a wonderful partnership with the people of Haiti.

ThisIsHaiti.org is a celebration of our year.

Kimberly Green, President
Green Family Foundation

Tatiana Magloire, Project Director

"Reconstruction is surely necessary, but it's not in buildings. It's not in facilities. The most important component of reconstruction is in humans. And to do that we discover that culture must be the most fundamental aspect of the reconstruction program." - Dr. Jacky Lumarque, Rector of Université Quisqueya, Port-au-Prince, Haiti - August 2010, PBS: Haiti's Lost Music



The Green Family Foundation is a private, family-run organization dedicated to establishing access to health care and education, and celebrating historical, artistic and cultural preservation throughout South Florida and abroad.

Fastforward is specialized in new media concepts, advertising, stage design, digital scenography, and video projections.



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