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GEN. Wesley K. Clark
(US Army – ret.)

"The Green Family Foundation and Fastforward have elevated the preservation of Haiti's cultural heritage, promoting economic development and greater appreciation for the history, culture and potential of a wonderful people. "

President Bill Clinton
"Through partnership with the Association for Cultural Equity's "Alan Lomax in Haiti", the Green Family Foundation has elevated the global importance of Haiti's cultural preservation for future generations to come. "

Fisher Stevens, Actor, Director
"The despair and destruction caused by the earthquake in Haiti cannot be understated. I am proud and honored to partner with Kimberly and her team at GFF to do our part in contributing to the disaster relief efforts," said Stevens. "We are also deeply appreciative of the support that we have received from Warren Russell-Smith and Anna Lomax Wood in creating an extremely powerful and moving PSA. "

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, President Florida International University
"The Green Family Foundation has long been a friend to FIU and we are proud to partner with them on projects that are having a tremendous impact on our community and our neighbors in Haiti. Thanks to the generous support of the Green Family Foundation, our students in medicine, nursing, social work, law and other disciplines are changing the lives of families in South Florida through the Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP program. We also have joined forces on crucial Haiti recovery efforts through our Hope for Haiti Task Force. The Green Family Foundation plays an important role in addressing global health and poverty and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in these vital areas. "

Howard R. Lipman, Senior Vice President, University Advancement, President & CEO The FIU
"A dedicated partner of Florida International University, the Green Family Foundation shares our commitment to the long-term recovery of Haiti through inspired action. The Foundation’s ongoing initiatives reflect its passionate advocacy and determination to realize its vision for the island’s future. Motivating residents throughout South Florida and beyond to take action, the Green Family Foundation is a philanthropic leader of efforts to empower underserved communities in Haiti and around the world. "

Edouard Duval Carrié, Artist/Director of the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance (HCAA)
"Haiti is my birthplace and since it's inception as the first black republic it has been isolated and shunned. Like an accident prone child, that small caribbean nation has seen it's share of calamities, both manmade and natural. The latest was a devastating earthquake that left her crippled. Many have felt the need to come to her aid, and the Green Family Foundation's efforts are most commendable, especially their president Kimberly Green. Devoting most of her time on-site there, I'm particularly impressed with the array of her interests. Yes, most of the foundation's interest is directed toward the imperious needs of the impaired, but what impressed me more was her efforts in the preservation of Haiti's culture and in it's promotion. That, to me, in the end, will hasten the healing process."

Leonie Hermantin, Deputy Director, The Lambi Fund of Haiti
"I have been aware of the Green Family Foundation's work in Haiti for the past 6 years. It has been a pleasure to see the Foundation's work and priorities evolve from traditional development funding strategies to providing support to institutions and projects which nurture Haitian culture and national identity. The Green Family Foundation's latest projects should be defined as gestures of love and solidarity to the Haitian people and most importantly represent enduring cultural legacies to our beloved Haiti."

Gepsie Mettellus, Executive Director, Sant La
"I am grateful for the Green Family Foundation’s focus on rebuilding and reconstruction in Haiti in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake. I am especially pleased that the focus is on preserving and promoting Haiti’s rich cultural patrimony."

President Bill Clinton
"I commend GFF for all the good work you have already done in the country, and I encourage you to continue your efforts. Together, we can promote economic growth and help improve the lives of the Haitian people. We have created momentum. Now, we must focus on laying the foundations for helping sustainable development. "



The Green Family Foundation is a private, family-run organization dedicated to establishing access to health care and education, and celebrating historical, artistic and cultural preservation throughout South Florida and abroad.

Fastforward is specialized in new media concepts, advertising, stage design, digital scenography, and video projections.



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